Your Impact on Polar Bear Conservation Annual Report 2019


Big, brilliant, and built for cold. Polar bears are our passion and our focus.

 YOUR SHARED commitment to POLAR BEARS AND a healthy Arctic ecosystem meanS the world to us—and to the polar bear’s future.


“Let me be perfectly clear: Every maternal den matters.”

Dr. Steven C. Amstrup, Chief Scientist, Polar Bears International

Your generosity supports research that helps inform policy.

For example, when the White House pushed to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska to oil and gas development, our chief scientist, Dr. Steven C. Amstrup, was invited to testify before Congress about the risks posed to denning polar bear families, based on his decades of research.

The year ended with the good news that seismic testing leases would not be granted in the refuge that winter as originally planned. We continue to monitor the issue and share relevant research findings with the public, the media, and decision makers.

Update: on August 17, 2020, the White House bypassed the science and announced plans to greenlight oil and gas leases on the Coastal Plain of the Arctic Refuge. We’re providing scientific/technical expertise to vigorously defend this key denning area and shield moms and cubs from harm.

“Russia has long been a big blank spot in polar bear research, with little known about how populations are faring.”

Geoff York, Senior Director of Conservation, Polar Bears International

Your gifts help fill critical knowledge gaps. 

Because of the difficulties and expense of Arctic research, scientists lack data on many polar bear populations, with research on Russian bears especially deficient. Last year we participated in a study on Russia’s Wrangel Island led by Dr. Eric Regehr of the University of Washington. The data gained will help address key conservation challenges for the Chukchi Sea polar bears. The team also laid the groundwork for future den studies in this important polar bear nursery.

In addition to the University of Washington, partners on this project include the Wrangel Island State Nature Reserve and the All-Russian Research Institute of Environment Protection. Special thanks to the High Point Community Foundation for major program support. 

© Babiy Ulyana Vladimirovna/Wrangel Island State Nature Reserve

“When you see wild polar bears and feel their plight, you’ll want to do all that you can to save them.”

Krista Wright, Executive Director, Polar Bears International

You make our outreach possible, touching hearts and minds around the world.

At Polar Bears International, we have long believed that when people fall in love with polar bears and the Arctic, they’ll be inspired to get involved with their conservation. This is why we’re dedicated to connecting with people around the globe through photos, videos, and other outreach. In 2019, this included the launch of a moving film, “Ursula”. Other outreach included our Polar Bear, Beluga, and Northern Lights Cams; engagement on social media; and blog posts and live broadcasts on our website.

Our partners on the cams include, Frontiers North Adventures, and Parks Canada.

“This project could provide a real breakthrough

in how we study wild polar bears.”

BJ Kirschhoffer, Director of Field Operations, Polar Bears International

Your support allows us to explore cutting-edge research methods.

An example is our “Burr on Fur” project with 3M, the company famous for Post-It Notes and adhesives. 3M scientists are helping us find a better way to temporarily attach a small tracking device to a polar bear’s fur. The adhesive must be able to withstand sub-zero temperatures, snow, saltwater, and other challenges. If successful, the devices will provide a minimally invasive way to study movement patterns and other activities of polar bears in the wild, giving us insights into their needs, health, and status.

© Daniel J. Cox/

“Thank you for educating so many! Our students were excited 

to learn about polar bears and how they can help.” 

You make it possible for us to conduct live chats and webcasts from the field. 

Our Tundra Connections ® webcasts link scientists and other experts with viewers around the world and allow them to ask questions. The broadcasts focus on polar bears, the Arctic, and climate solutions—helping to educate and inspire people, and motivate them to act on the climate crisis. While our broadcasts are typically held during the fall polar bear migration, we created a special series in the spring of 2020 to meet the needs of parents, teachers, and lifelong learners during the COVID-19 health crisis. 

Our partners include, Discovery Education, and Connected North.

“Working together on solutions for wildlife gives me hope.”

Dr. Megan Owen, Director of Population Sustainability, San Diego Zoo Global

Thanks to your support, we’re able to conduct long-term studies that add to our understanding of the polar bear’s biology and behavior. 

For example, our Maternal Den Study in Svalbard, Norway, relies on solar-powered remote cameras that record the behavior and condition of polar bear moms and cubs from the time they emerge from their dens until they depart for the sea ice to hunt seals. The information gained during this sensitive period in the polar bear’s life cycle will help set guidelines to protect polar bear families from disturbances as more human activities move north.

Our partners include the Norwegian Polar Institute and San Diego Zoo Global.

“The warm reception from everyone involved has reminded me that we are not alone in our hope for immediate action on climate change.”

Dr. Thea Bechshoft, Staff Scientist, Polar Bears International

Because of you, we’re expanding our outreach in Churchill.

Last fall, we held the grand opening for Polar Bears International House, our new interpretive center in Churchill, Manitoba, the polar bear capital of the world. PBI House allows us to engage with visitors, sharing information on polar bears, sea ice loss from a warming climate, and how each of us can help. The building also provides staff housing, serves as a base of operations for our Churchill projects, and functions as a meeting place for locals and visitors. 

Home is where you go after a hard day’s work—a place that offers convenience, facilities, privacy, and comfort.

Not only did last year bring us Polar Bears International House, our new interpretive center in Churchill, it also saw the completion of the stylish and energy-efficient Mars Arctic Research & Conservation Centre, just a few steps down the street. Designed to house visiting researchers as well as volunteers and PBI staff, the Mars Centre provides a permanent building with living quarters and modern amenities—further demonstrating our commitment to research and conservation in the polar bear capital. We’re extremely grateful for this donation, which represents the single largest gift PBI has ever received.

“Thanks to this extraordinary gift from Adrienne and John Mars, researchers and staff now have a fully outfitted, dedicated base camp in Churchill.” 

Richard Beck, Board of Directors, Polar Bears International 

“Increasingly, polar bears and people are crossing paths across the Arctic. Our goal is to keep both safe.”

Geoff York, Senior Director of Conservation, Polar Bears International

You’re helping to reduce conflict between polar bears and people.

As the sea ice retreats in the Arctic, more polar bears are spending more time onshore in more places, leading to increased contact with people. Your support helps fund projects to keep polar bears and people safe. These include a study to test whether a compact surveillance radar system could detect a polar bear as it approaches a community, even in a snowstorm or at night. If successful, the system could help prevent deaths or injuries to polar bears and people across the Arctic.

Other conflict – reduction efforts include working with partners to share best practices for avoiding attacks. These range from improved safety messaging and preparedness, to eliminating food rewards and installing bear-resistant waste bins. Other measures include being prepared with deterrents such as bear spray, signal flares, or other noisemakers.

Our thanks to Utah’s Hogle Zoo for partnering on the radar study.

“Being with like-minded people and forming relationships with 

other science communicators was a powerful experience.”

Shervin Hess, Wildlife Advocacy Program Manager, Oregon Zoo

Because of you, we’re able to greatly scale up our climate impact.

Through our network of Arctic Ambassador Center zoos and aquariums, we share tested climate-action messaging, helping to build momentum for change and inspiring community involvement. This work includes holding in-depth Climate Alliance training sessions that provide zoo professionals with the tools they need to educate, motivate, and inspire the public. In 2019, we trained 19 participants, expanding our network to 320 graduates in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Collectively, they reach millions of zoo visitors through their outreach and messaging.

“The Western Hudson Bay polar bears are the best-studied in the world, providing an invaluable long-term data set.”

Dr. Andrew Derocher, Professor of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta

You allow us to support key projects in Western Hudson Bay, with insights gained helping polar bear conservation in other parts of the Arctic.

Churchill’s polar bears are part of the Western Hudson Bay population, living in a seasonal ice area where the bay melts each summer and refreezes in late fall. Over the years, Polar Bears International has helped support a number of research projects in the area. Currently, these include an Ear Tag Study to learn whether polar bears detained in Churchill’s holding facility go on to disturb communities to the north after their release; a Sea Ice Ecology Study to understand how the bears are responding to changing sea ice patterns; and long-term monitoring of the health and status of the Western Hudson Bay polar bear population.

The projects are led by researchers from the University of Alberta and Environment and Climate Change Canada.

© Daniel J. Cox/


2019 By The Numbers


Contributions – with donor restrictions: $227,252
Contributions – unrestricted: $2,040,903
In-Kind: $488,917
Grants: $243,928
Events – net of donor benefits: $291,344
Bad Debt Loss: ($2,223)

Total Revenue:  $3,290,121


Programs: $2,405,325 
Management and General: $248,380 
Fundraising: $337,019

Total Expenses:  $2,990,724

Changes in net assets: $395,540

Net assets at the end of the year: $4,291,946

© Daniel J. Cox/

2019 Board of Directors

John Kelleher- Chair
Amy Moore- Vice-Chair, Secretary
Steve Dolman- Treasurer
Richard Beck
Valerie Beck
Kristin Biniek
Federica Gamble
Patrick Keeley
Dani Reiss
Kevin Spreekmeester



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Polar Bears International House

Our heartfelt thanks to The Reiss Family Foundation for their generous lead gift to the Polar Bears International House.

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