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2021 Annual Report

From the steep, snowy mountains of Svalbard to the shores of Hudson Bay, you were with us every step of the way last year as we focused our efforts on sustaining a future for polar bears. In our Annual Report to members, we’re pleased to share highlights of what we accomplished together in 2021 on behalf of polar bears and their sea ice home.


Polar Bears International has been a leader in research for 30 years, shaping polar bear conservation. Here’s what you made possible in 2021.

Protecting Moms and Cubs

Your generosity allowed us to begin developing new technology to find and map polar bear dens, which are hidden under the snow. This is critically important as more industry moves into the Arctic, threatening dens and putting moms and cubs in harm’s way.

Photo by Kt Miller /

Maternal Den Study

Thanks to your commitment, we continued our Maternal Den Study in Svalbard in 2021, working with the Norwegian Polar Institute and the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance. Insights gained will help us better protect denning families during this vulnerable time.

New Tracking Devices

Because of you, we were able to test small, temporary “Burr on Fur” tags to track polar bears, developed through a partnership with 3M. In 2021, we tested the tags on both wild and zoo bears, and will continue to refine designs based on the results.

Photo by Kieran McIver /

“Detect and Protect” Research

Being able to detect an approaching polar bear even in a heavy snowfall, fog, or the dead of night would make a real difference in keeping polar bears and people safe. Your support is allowing us to refine the use of motion-tracking radar as an early warning system.

Other Projects

From research on Russia’s Wrangel Island to genetics studies and a long-term sea ice ecology project, we continued support for a number of key projects with partners from the University of Alberta to Environment and Climate Change Canada and Brigham Young University.

Photo by Daniel J. Cox /

Partner Spotlight: San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance

Polar Bears International has partnered with the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance (SDZWA) on polar bear research for nearly two decades, including field work in Alaska, Canada, and Svalbard, as well as zoo-based research that would be impossible to conduct with wild bears.

Our long-term Maternal Den Study in Svalbard is one example of our work together, a project that involves monitoring polar bear moms and cubs with non-invasive, remote cameras during the period when they first emerge from their dens. 

“Polar bear maternal den research is one of the last frontiers of polar bear biology,” said Dr. Megan Owen, vice president of conservation science at SDZWA. “The study is a good example of how Polar Bears International brings us right to the front lines of polar bear habitat, polar bear management, and the communities that live with polar bears. I am extremely proud to be working with PBI and grateful to team up on really challenging conservation issues. As long as we have the capacity to work together on solutions for polar bears, I have hope.”

Photo by Kt Miller /

Global Education

Our digital outreach allows teachers, students, and life-long learners to follow their curiosity and become inspired to get involved. Here’s what you made possible in 2021.

Tundra Connections®

Thanks to your generosity, our live Tundra Connections webcasts and live chats reached over 200,000 people around the world in 2021, giving viewers a chance to see wild polar bears, engage with scientists, and ask questions.

Polar Bear Tracker

Your support helps visitors understand the relationship between polar bears and sea ice as they follow real bears through the seasons on a map of Hudson Bay. The map also highlights our research projects across the Arctic.

New Website

Because of you, we unveiled a beautiful new website in 2021, including an interactive education center with new unit and lesson plans, activities for teachers and students, fun polar bear facts, and ways to get involved.

Educational Partners

From Discovery Education to Microsoft’s Flipgrid, Connected North, and TakingITGlobal, your generosity supports teamwork with partners, amplifying our reach to classrooms worldwide, including students in Northern communities.

Arctic Ambassador Centers

Your commitment to polar bear conservation helps sustain our network of 49 zoos and aquariums in the U.S., Canada, and Europe—greatly expanding our ability to tell the polar bears’ story and motivate action while also facilitating research partnerships.

Photo by Daniel J. Cox /

Partner Spotlight: Paws Up for Polar Bears

Thanks to Emily Miller, a graduate student at Alaska Pacific University, we added powerful new curricula to our Education Center in 2021. Designed for grades 3-5, the engaging, solutions-based lesson plans help teach kids about polar bears and climate change.

Miller was inspired to create the Paws Up lessons as part of her master’s thesis after graduating from Polar Bears International’s Climate Alliance program—an experience she calls “a pivotal moment” for her as an educator. When she proposed the curricula to our education team, she mentioned the difficulty of finding simple, solutions-based lesson plans on climate change for this age group.

“This is such a great project that fits in so well with what we’re trying to do,” said Alysa McCall, our director of conservation outreach. “By reaching students and teachers, and by offering really great and interesting educational pieces about polar bears, we can help foster this new generation of conservationists.”

The lesson plans were downloaded by teachers more than 600 times in the first two months alone. A survey of those who used them overwhelmingly confirmed that the curricula made them feel more confident in teaching students about climate change.

Photo by Daniel J. Cox /

Conflict Resolution

With more polar bears coming ashore in more places as the sea ice melts, our conflict-reduction efforts are designed to keep polar bears and people safe. Here’s what you made possible in 2021.

Polar Bear Safe Communities

Polar bear-human conflict is a growing problem as the Arctic warms, which is why we’re working with frontline communities to help them stay ahead of the curve. Your generosity has allowed us to expand the Polar Bear Safe Community concept.

Photo by Neil Ever Osborne /
Photo by Erinn Hermsen /

Bear-Safe Tools

From bear-safe waste bins to deterrence tools like bear spray, cracker shells, and modern bear traps, your support helps us share information on best practices and work with frontline Arctic communities on identifying the tools they need to stay safe.

Safety Messaging

With polar bear encounters increasing in the North, we’re working with partners to share safety messaging on how to avoid conflict. This includes polar bear safety coloring books in different languages tailored to different parts of the Arctic.

Photo by Erinn Hermsen /
Photo by Daniel J. Cox /

Information Exchange

Professionals who work with brown bears can share insights that will help Arctic communities prepare for polar bear encounters. In 2021, your support allowed us to invite experts to Churchill to assess current practices and make recommendations.

World Ranger Day Award

Every year we help raise awareness about the courage and commitment of wildlife officers working in the Arctic to keep polar bears and people safe. Our World Ranger Day Award honors a team or an individual on the frontlines.

Photo by Daniel J. Cox /

Project Spotlight: Reducing Attractants

Polar bears have a keen sense of smell and often follow their nose, which is why we know that reducing attractants is an important part of coexisting with wildlife. In 2021 we worked on a handful of projects with the waste transfer facility in Churchill, locally known as L5. 

This work included supporting the first phase of a waste audit, bringing a specialist in to work with employees and community members. Additionally, we tested one of our “Bear-dar” radar systems on the roof of the building during the peak of the fall season. It was great to work with local employees at L5 and members of the community on both projects, and our team even saw two polar bears walk right in front of the radar in late October! We feel fortunate to work with partners like the Town of Churchill on both low-tech and high-tech solutions to support ways to safely live with polar bears. 

Photo by Kieren McIver /


Through media stories, live cams, videos, and compelling photos, we help keep polar bears and the Arctic top of mind, highlighting the need to protect the bears and their fragile ecosystem. Here’s what you made possible in 2021.

Polar Bear Cams

When people fall in love with polar bears, they’re inspired to get involved with their conservation. Your support allows us to touch hearts and minds through our live Polar Bear Cams, as well as our Beluga and Northern Lights Cams, streamed in partnership with

Photo by Simon Gee /
Photo by Daniel J. Cox /

Global Media Coverage

Global narratives help shape global policy, which is why we strive to share the polar bears’ story with the world. In 2021, we had a global reach of 2.2 billion people, with stories in the AP, BBC, New York Times, Guardian, AFP, Smithsonian, and more.

Video Production

Your support makes it possible for us to share the beauty of polar bears and the Arctic through our video outreach, educating the public and motivating action. In 2021, we had over 200,000 YouTube views and tens of thousands more on social media.

Photo by Daniel J. Cox /

Social Media

Because of you, we were able to add a media specialist to our team in 2021, growing our followers and deepening engagement through stories and reels. We also launched a Photography Ambassador Program, partnering with key nature influencers.

Partner Spotlight:

More than 10 years ago, approached us with the idea of setting up a Polar Bear Cam in Churchill, Manitoba, the well-known polar bear gathering place. Guided by their motto of “Never Stop Learning,”’s goal is to inspire viewers to fall in love with the natural world.

The Polar Bear Cam was a huge success and we now live-stream not only polar bears from Churchill in partnership with, but also the gathering of beluga whales in late summer and the northern lights in winter.

“The cams help people experience the wonder of polar bears and the Arctic no matter where they live, which is a critical part of conservation,” said Krista Wright, executive director of Polar Bears International. “In addition, partners with us on our Tundra Connections webcasts and live chats, bringing an educational component to viewers who want to learn more about this incredible ecosystem.”

We feel extremely fortunate to partner with on these nature cams, which reach a global audience. We are also grateful for the generous funding they provide through the Annenberg Foundation—a relationship that dates back to 2010!

Policy & Advocacy

Taking part in effecting change will not only help polar bears but people, too. Here’s what you made possible in 2021.

Photo by Daniel J. Cox /

New Policy & Advocacy Department

In 2021, your generosity enabled us to launch a new policy and advocacy department to complement our research, education, conflict-reduction, and outreach efforts. Building on existing programs like our Climate Alliance training, the goal is to empower each of us to help move the dial.

U.N. Climate Talks

From representation at the COP26 climate talks to ongoing policy involvement, we’re working to protect the polar bears’ future. This year, you helped nine young leaders participate in COP26 and supported an initiative that helped bring members of the global BIPOC community to the summit.

Photo by © Emily Ringer /
Photo by Daniel J. Cox /

Science-Based Policy  

Our decades of peer-reviewed research on polar bears helps inform policies that impact their well-being. We strive to provide the best available science to governments, institutions, and policy makers, so they can act in the best interest of the bears.

Polar Bear Specialist Group

Every 2 to 3 years, scientists from the 5 polar bear nations meet to set research and conservation priorities for the world’s polar bears. As one of the few nonprofits invited to take part, our staff scientists regularly contribute to these high-level discussions.

Photo by Daniel J. Cox /

Policy Highlight: Young Leaders at COP26

Climate action is urgently important for future generations of polar bears and people. At the U.N. Climate Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, the young generation sought to be heard amidst the commotion.

During a formal meeting between all 195 national governments and the U.N. president, Panama’s negotiating team handed their precious floor time to a small group of young leaders. In this window, Panama’s deputy lead negotiator, Mari Helena Castillo Mariscal, 25, delivered a speech co-written by dozens of young people at COP26, including Polar Bears International’s delegation. Thanks to a strong social media push, over 21,000 young people from 140 nations co-signed the speech in less than a day. These climate negotiations are exclusive and difficult to attend so when Mari delivered the statement, she brought thousands of voices from all corners of the world into the room­­—reminding world leaders that limiting warming to “1.5 degrees is the simplest moral choice in all of history.” A Washington Post reporter covered the story of this intervention, and you can watch Mari deliver the statement here.

© Joanna Sulich /

2021 Financials

Your generosity makes so much possible for polar bears—now and in the future.


Contributions – with donor restrictions: $351,613

Contributions – unrestricted: $3,103,309

In-kind support: $428,946

Grants: $296,341

Total Revenue:  $4,180,209


Programs: $2,671,338

Management and General: $278,816

Fundraising: $382,268

Total Expenses:  $3,332,422

Other Income (Expenses): $22,782

Changes in net assets: $870,569

Net assets at the end of the year: $6,184,574

For any research projects that Polar Bears International helps fund, we do not pay overhead costs, a policy that ensures funds go directly to the projects and polar bear conservation.

Photo by Daniel J. Cox /

Board of Directors

2021 Emeritus Board of Directors

Dani Reiss

2021 Board of Directors

Amy Moore, Chair

Patrick Keeley, Vice-Chair

Steven Dolman, Chief Financial Officer

Kristin Biniek, Secretary

Valerie Beck

Penny Brook

John Kelleher

Jean-Pierre Parenty

Stephanie Sluka

Board Advisory Committee

Richard P. Beck

Frederica Gamble

Dr. Don Moore

Sylvia Palka Melo

Carlton Williams

Photo by Daniel J. Cox /

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Alex Levine*
Nina Lewin*
Kieran Leydon
Ann and William Lieff Charitable Fund
Dion Lies
Pei-Ying Lin*
Kathleen Longo
Monica Losey*
Joan Loy
Andrea Lugo*
Diane Maguire*
Nagesh Mahanthappa
Francine Mandeville*
Caitlin Marco*
Christopher Marks
Dr. Michael Martinez
Lanny Martinson*
Beth Mathers
Ruth Mattes*
Amy May
Tim May
Sheila McCracken
Maeve McDade*
Jennifer McDaniel*
Michael McIntyre
Sunseerie McKinnon*
Nina McNitzky*
Linda and Michael McNulty
Octavia Melendez*
Sherry Mezger
Kay Michael*
Trish Mitchell
Sachiko Mollison*
Christopher Mullin
Yoojin Na*
Terry Naidoo
Paul and Kathy Neff
Carol Newson
Barbara Nielsen* and Patrick Wallace
Logan Olausen
Sarah O’Neill
William Ostrander
Amy Ostrau
Sian Owen
Owens-Illinois Inc. Charities Foundation
Vicki Parker
Jonathan and Amanda Paul

Mickaël Paul*
John Pearson
Ms. Sara Pennak*
Jared Percyz
Perkins and Sorenson Charitable Fund
Izaskun Cornejo Pertika*
Kathleen Peterson
Nicole Petrosky
Patrick Phillips
Henry Pierz
Lauri Pisilä*
Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium
Marilo Pla*
Elisabeth Pomes*
Wai Man Poon*
Port of Los Angeles High School
Linda Post
Richard and Trish Power
Ralph Protano*
Serge and Shannon Rancourt
Lois Randley-Jones
Patrick Randow
Shifra Ratliff*
Nicole Rebori
Ann Reddin*
James Reina*
Marsha Render*
Jim Revoir
Paul Rice
Ms. Nancy Richardson*
James Rickard
Angela Riege
Inez Rogatsky
Charles Rosson
Karen and Brian Rowe*
Stephen Roy*
Diane and Rudy Rudesal*
Theresa A. Russo
Stephen Salladé
Peter Sandford
Daniel and Samantha Scheiman
Melissa Scherling*
Linda Schoenthaler
Robert Schulze
Christina Scott
Mr. John A. Sedlak
Joseph Serbus*
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
Martha Smart
Ms. Pamela Smith*
Sally Sobel-Radke
Cathy Soltero*
Tiffini Sorcic
Lisa Souders
Brigid Spicola
Alfred Spreekmeester*
Patti Stang*
Deanna Steblyk
Brad Stone*
Dr. Carey Suckow*
Joseph Sudbay* and Carlos Martín
Dean and Spencer Swartz
Emily Swartz*
Sara Tavakoli*
Craig Taylor
Mary Thornton*
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Tomai
Deborah Tucker*
Naomi Tyler
Wim Van Osch*
Cynthia Villani
Mathias von Borcke
Stella Voreas
Patricia Wagner
Kelli Waits*
Robert Walker
Alan and Joanna Wallenstein
Lindsay Weichert
Susan Williams*
David Wilson
Pearl Wong*
Jaclyn Wood
Pauline Wu*
Sung Hsia Wu Charity Foundation
Brian Yamagata
Mary Yamamoto
Walter Yeung*
Pamela Yuhm*
Juan Zas Espinosa

* Polar Bear Patron

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Thank you for all you do for polar bears.


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