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2022 Annual Report

As the only nonprofit with a sole focus on polar bears, Polar Bears International is passionate about polar bear conservation. Guided by leading scientists, we work to address both long- and short-term threats to the bears. In our Annual Report to members, we’re excited to share a snapshot of what we accomplished together last year, all made possible thanks to your generous support and involvement.

Science and Research

Polar Bears International is known for its science-based approach to conservation, with research projects and tech innovations that span the circumpolar Arctic. Here’s what you made possible in 2022.

Maternal Den Study

Last year, thanks to your support, we deployed 2 remote cameras at polar bear den sites in Svalbard, Norway, to record the behavior of moms and cubs when they emerge in spring. The 10-year study is providing foundational information on the den emergence period, while also providing valuable information on the health and condition of polar bear families.

Protecting Den Sites

To shield denning families from disturbances, we must be able to pinpoint den locations. Your generosity allowed us to conduct flights over 2 known den sites to test whether remote-sensing radar can find dens under the snow, building on earlier promising results. The work is continuing in 2023, with units mounted on drones flown high above the bears.

Strengthening Our Team

In 2022, we added 2 new scientists and 1 vice president of conservation, bringing our scientific team to 10 people in 4 countries (the U.S., Canada, Denmark, and Norway). This includes our 1st Norwegian-based scientist, who is leading our analysis of den-monitoring data in Svalbard.

Photo: ©

Better Tracking Devices

Because of you, we moved closer to completing work on an innovative new “Burr on Fur” tracking device for polar bears, narrowing the designs from 4 prototypes to 2. So far, we’ve tested 11 tags on zoo bears and 21 tags on wild bears, working with 11 Arctic Ambassador Center zoos and 2 government agencies.

Foundational Science

Only by understanding what it truly means to be a polar bear can we determine what is needed to protect their future. Thanks to your generosity, we helped fund 6 studies, from genetics research to population studies, working with a range of partners across the circumpolar Arctic.

Krista Wright and BJ Kirschhoffer in the field in Svalbard, Norway.
Photo: © Kt Miller /
Photo: © Kieran McIver /

Nurturing the Next Generation

Your commitment allows us to support projects and provide opportunities for polar bear scientists. This includes leveraging media opportunities for established scientists, mentoring early career scientists on how to communicate with the public by serving as ambassadors in our Churchill interpretive center, and providing opportunities for both through our Tundra Connections webcasts and live chats.

Photo: © Kt Miller/

Staff Spotlight

From her home base in Svalbard, biologist Joanna Sulich helps us each year with our Maternal Den Study, setting up den cameras in subzero weather on challenging mountain terrain. Tune in to learn about her work and the incredible respect she has for polar bear moms and cubs.

Photo: © BJ Kirschhoffer/

Global Education

Through our top-ranked website, Tundra Connections broadcasts, and other engaging content, we inspire teachers, students, and life-long learners to follow their curiosity and get involved. Here’s what you made possible in 2022.

Tundra Connections Webcasts

Because of you, we reached over 200,000 people around the world in 2022 with 18 Tundra Connections webcasts and live chats, giving viewers the chance to engage with scientists and other experts. The broadcasts included one-on-one webcasts to classrooms in Canada’s North.

Educational Partnerships

In 2022, we partnered with organizations like Discovery Education, Students on Ice, Microsoft Flip, and Connected North on educational projects, amplifying our reach and impact. In 2023, we plan to launch a summer program for students in the town of Churchill.

Disneynature’s Polar Bear

We teamed up with Disneynature on their new film, Polar Bear, which premiered on Earth Day, 2022 and reached a global audience. The film tells the story of a mother bear whose memories of her own youth illustrate the increasing challenges of survival in a warming Arctic.

Innovative Website

People from 215 countries visited our website in 2022, with conservation information on polar bears among the top content. Thanks to your generosity, we added 3 new units and lesson plans to our educational offerings, including “Paws Up for Polar Bears,” which focuses on climate change and climate action.

Storytelling Bears

Your support allows us to create innovative tools like our Polar Bear Tracker, which consistently ranks as one of the 5 most popular pages on our website. Visitors use the tracker to follow the movements of 15 wild polar bears in Western and Southern Hudson Bay in relation to changing sea ice coverage.

Photo: © Kt Miller /

“Polar Bears International is an amazing outfit for outreach, education, and scientific support. I’m honored to be affiliated with them. More people know about polar bears through their efforts than other NGOs.”

Dr. Andrew Derocher, University of Alberta professor of biological sciences and a scientific advisor to Polar Bears International

Photo: © BJ Kirschhoffer /


With more polar bears coming ashore in more places as the sea ice melts, our coexistence efforts are more important than ever, designed to allow polar bears and people to live safely with each other. Here’s what you made possible in 2022.

Polar Bear Safe Communities

We continue to support the efforts of the town of Churchill, Manitoba, in becoming the world’s 1st Polar Bear Smart community and are expanding from there to the neighboring province of Ontario—with plans to reach additional polar bear regions in 2023. The goal is to help polar bears and people coexist.

Photo: © Simon Gee /
Photo: © Kieran McIver /

Early Warning System

Thanks to your generosity, we tested 3 “Detect to Protect” radar systems on wild polar bears in 2022 and are now training the AI software of the two top performers to recognize them. Further testing will continue in 2023, with a goal to alert communities of approaching bears.

Bear-Safe Tools

From bear-safe waste bins to deterrence tools like bear spray, cracker shells, and modern bear traps, your support helps us share information on bear-safe practices and work with frontline Arctic communities on identifying the tools they need to stay safe.

Photo: © Erinn Hermsen /
Photo: © Erinn Hermsen /

Safety Messaging

Because of you, we were able to create standardized messaging on staying safe around polar bears, information being shared through posters, website-ready language, and videos tailored to unique situations in different communities. This outreach includes 3 unique coloring books on staying safe around polar bears, in 3 languages, with more in the works.

World Ranger Day Award

Every year we present our award to an individual or team working to help polar bears and people coexist. In 2022, we were pleased to honor the 8 men and women of the Watchman Crew in Ny-Alesund, a remote community in Spitsbergen, Svalbard.

Photo: © Dagmara Wojtanowicz / @_d_a_g_a_w

Photo: © Kt Miller /

Project Spotlight

Working with partners, we developed polar bear safety posters in English and in Cree, based on the unique needs and situations of northern Ontario communities.

Photo: © Tim Auer /

Policy & Advocacy

Government policies have an impact on polar bears, which is why we focus efforts on ensuring decisions are in their best interest. This includes empowering our followers to become advocates for polar bears and climate action. Here’s what you made possible in 2022.

Photo: © Emily Ringer /

International Presence

As a leading voice for polar bears, your generosity allowed us to send 2 representatives to the U.N. climate talks (COP 27) in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt to communicate what is at stake for polar bears as the world warms. You also made it possible for us to help a diverse group of voices attend—from Indigenous leaders to climate communicators, young people, and experts in climate action plans.

Climate Alliance

In 2022, we trained 21 zoo professionals from 3 different countries on the most effective ways to communicate about polar bears, sea ice, and climate change, bringing the total to 186 graduates. The 7-month course empowers graduates to communicate with confidence on climate change, helping to move the dial in their communities.

Photo: © Meril Darees /

Advocacy Toolkit  

Thanks to your support, we created a new online Action Center and an online Advocacy Toolkit in 2022—complete with a legislative lookup feature and guidelines for having conversations about climate change. The kit empowers people to advocate for polar bears and a healthy Arctic ecosystem, plugging into their own skill sets and interests.

Churchill Symposium

Your generosity allowed us to support the Churchill Bear Smart Working Group’s efforts to map a healthy future for polar bears, from helping to draft position papers for policymakers to supporting the production of a science-sharing symposium.

Sea ice drifting near Churchill. Manitoba, Canada.
Photo: © Neil Ever Osborne /
Photo: © Jenny Wong /

Awareness Events  

Our 3 annual awareness events draw attention to the challenges polar bears face in a warming Arctic and how we each can help. They include International Polar Bear Day on February 27, Arctic Sea Ice Day on July 15, and Polar Bear Week during the first week in November.

Vote for Polar Bears Campaign

Every time we step into the ballot box, we have an opportunity to put a healthy and just planet first. Our Vote for Polar Bears campaign emphasizes the power of voting with the climate in mind, in each and every election, at every level of government.

Photo: © Marissa Krouse /

Photo: © Tim Auer /

Project Spotlight

During our live Tundra Connections webcast from the COP27 climate talks in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, viewers had the chance to learn about the summit, engage with our representatives, and ask questions.

Photo: © Emily Ringer /


Through media stories, live cams, videos, and compelling photos, we help keep polar bears and the Arctic top of mind, highlighting the need to protect the bears and their fragile ecosystem. Here’s what you made possible in 2022.

Media Coverage

In a world of misinformation and digital clutter, you helped us cut through the noise and serve as a trusted source on polar bears, sea ice, and climate change—through our website, social media, and other outreach. In 2022, we were featured in 3,243 unique media articles with an estimated reach of 5 billion people.

Photo: © Kieran McIver /

Arctic Inspiration

Thanks to your generosity, we touched hearts and minds through our live Polar Bear, Northern Lights, and Beluga Cams in partnership with, inspiring people to care. In 2022, we reached over 4 million people around the world with these windows into the Arctic, including over 3 million views on archived YouTube videos alone!

Videos and Photos

In 2022, we produced 79 videos, ranging from short social media clips to longer educational videos like “Polar Bears and Arctic Sea Ice” and “Emerging From the Den.” We translated 3 videos into French and German and added more than 30,000 images to our photo library, including media donations from wildlife photographers.

Photo: © Simon Gee /
Photo: © Kieran McIver /

Social Media

Because of you, in 2022 we reached a global audience of 463,578 followers through our social media networks, where we shared videos, live chats, and links to educational content. We further amplified our social media reach and impact by providing online toolkits with pre-made social content.

Photography Ambassador Program

Thanks to the generosity of the photography community, we continued to grow our Photography Ambassador program in 2022. Currently, about 25 wildlife photographers actively participate in our annual awareness events, amplifying our message and providing inspiration.

Photo: ©

Photo: © Daniel J. Cox /

“I really feel deeply that we have an ethical commitment to see that polar bears live to see another day, and Polar Bears International is playing a crucial, pivotal role in making that happen.”

Dr. Tom Smith, Brigham Young University associate professor of wildlife biology and scientific advisor to Polar Bears International

Photo: © Kt Miller /

2022 Financials

Your generosity makes so much possible for polar bears—now and in the future.


Contributions – with donor restrictions: $727,446

Contributions – unrestricted: $3,147,344

Special events: $32,162

In-kind support: $660,674

Grants: $329,803

Total Revenue: $4,897,429


Programs: $3,855,014

Management and General: $289,479

Fundraising: $600,686

Total Expenses: $4,745,179

Other Expense – Loss on Currency Translation: <$294,599>

Other Income: $8,672

Changes in net assets: <$133,677>

Net assets at the end of the year: $6,050,897

For any research projects that Polar Bears International helps fund, we do not pay overhead costs, a policy that ensures funds go directly to the projects and polar bear conservation.

Photo: © Kt Miller /

Board of Directors

2022 Emeritus Board of Directors

Dani Reiss

2022 Board of Directors

Amy Moore
Patrick Keeley
Steven Dolman
Kristin Biniek
Valerie Beck
Penny Brook
John Kelleher
Jean-Pierre Parenty
  Stephanie Sluka

Board Advisory Committee

Richard P. Beck
Frederica Gamble
Dr. Don Moore
Sylvia Palka Melo
Carlton Williams

Photo: © Kt Miller /

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Kinsey and Kyle Dickmann*
Donavon Dies
Dan Ding*
Andrea Dittert
Susan Downey
Jeffrey Dryfoos
Marjorie Duck
Eileen Duffy
Justin Dunbar*
Edward Durell
Arlee Eastman*
Lisa Edwards
Hugh Egener
Mietz Egli Giving Fund
Dr. Lindi Engelbrecht*
Kathy Erickson*
Brian Esposito
Margaret Falk
Kiersti Felska
Tanya and Herman Fernandez
Ann D. Fetzer
Laura Fiedler*
Alexandra Flaherty
Linda and Roger Fornell
Christian Fottner*
Harriette Frank
Barbara J. Franklin
Frances Frattali*
Victoria Freeman
Ab Freig
Debbie Friedel
Cindy Froman
Jackie and Doug Fry*
Nicole Gallo*
Sophie Gaulin
Ruth Gaulke*
Éva Gazdag
Abigail Geary
Kelly and Samuel Geckler
Tom George
Alexander Gershon*
Sandra L. Gerstung
Sally and William Giese
Faye Gillingwater
Rosemary Giuliano
GiveMN Donors
Merrilee and John Glover
Jennie Gosche*
Jessica Goshorn*
Randelle Graham*
Evan Greiner*
Mary Beth Griffith
Wendy Griswold*
Sharon Gubinsky
Cynthia C. and Ingemar Gustafson

Renwick Guyer Jr.
Susanne Guyer
Marsy Haber
Christl Hacker*
Scott Hackmeyer*
Patty Haggerty*
James Halverson
Courtney Hamill
Rebecca Hamilton*
Wendy Hannum
Susan Harmon
Natalie Harrold
Barbara Hauck-Mah
Adam Heller
Peter Hellman Family Fund
Susan and Ronald Henkhaus*
Henriquez Partners Architects Ltd.
Denise and Dennis Herman
Katherine Higdon
Ira Hillman
John Hoffman*
Carrie Hohl*
Phyllis Hollis*
Robert Hooley
Mark Hooten*
Jean and Bob Horn
Frederic Hourlay*
Zhouqun Huang
Sherry P. and James H. Hubbard
Jann Humphrey*
Judith Humphrys*
Ann Hurd*
Tina Hutchison
Charles Huyghues-Despointes*
Erin Hyun
Patricia Iazzetti*
Gladys Ibanez*
Jennifer Ibrahim*
Juliane Inouye
Andrew Irving
George Isbell Jr.*
Alena Jackson
Bea Jaffrey
Richard Mark James*
Joze Janezic*
Soobin Jang*
Betsy Jasper*
Janice Jastrzebski
Annette Jenks*
Pamela Johnson
Rosemary Jordal
Andrianna Kabitsis
Xiaoying Kang
Connie Karanam
Chiharu Katsuta*
Patrick Keeley
Cheryl Keene
Leanne Keller*
Emily Kennedy
Michelle Kenny
Sandra Kimble
Danielle Kinder
Bruce King
Henry King
Laurence King
Vanessa King*
Charles Kingsley
Janice Knickerbocker
Wakako Kodera*
Rudolf Koes
Debra Kramer*
Agnes B. and Thomas E. Kurtz
Mark Laforest*
Natasha Lakin
Lisa Langston
Nancy Latner
Maggie Shun Wah Lau*
Eileen Lawrence*
Sylvie Leblanc
András Léderer
Alissa Lee
Randi Lee
Samantha Lee*
Sam Leist*
Steven Lerer*
Alex Levine*
Nina Lewin*
Dion Lies
Virginia Liggett*
Penny PeiYing Lin*
Stanislav Lopata
Lindsey Mackey
Diane Maguire*
Olena Maier*
Andrew Maisel
Wing Sze Mak
Daoud Malikyar
Francine Mandeville*
Stephanie L. Mansfield*
Sheila and Robert Marr*
Paul Martens
Heather and Jeff Martin
Megan Martin*
Barbara Mathews
Natasha Matza
Betty Mayer*
M. Patricia Mayhugh
Vince P. Mayne
Jerilyn McCarty*
Maeve McDade*
Jennifer McDaniel*
Michael McIntyre
Sunseerie McKinnon*
Amy McLevaine
Carla Mead*
Kellen Meadows
Octavia Melendez*
Peter Melrose
Brian Mertan
Daniel Micak
Midnight Sun Chapter – American Association of Zoo Keepers (AAZK)
Mary M. and Marc Miller
Tamara Miller
Heather Mitra*
Judith D. Mittelberg
Sachiko Mollison*
Allison and Michael Moore
Ted Muir
Stephanie C. Mulliken
Tracey Neff*
Wanda L. and Terry A. Nelsen
Shannon Nelson*
Rebecca Nesset
Lori Newcomb
Barbara Nielsen* and Patrick Wallace
Shouanette Norrish*
Michele Olsen
Teresa Osborne*

Rita Ospelt*
William J. Ostrander
Caroline Pace
Vanja Pantic
Amey Park
Sandra K. Park
Vicki Parker
Tom C. Parrett*
Noëlle Parsons
George Pastirik
Peaceful Possibilities Family Fund
Joanna Pearson
Sara Pennak*
Perkins and Sorenson Charitable Fund
Vicky and Michael Perlman
Izaskun Cornejo Pertika*
Patrick Phillips
Sarah Pierce*
Vanessa Rosero Pinto
Lauri Pisilä*
Eric Pizzeck
Marilo D. Pla*
Calvin Polet
Wai Man Poon*
Linda and Steve Post
Trish and Richard Power
Levis Preteau
William A. Puckering
Judy Purze
Linda K. Radtke
Lois Randley-Jones
Eileen Raney
Anna Rasmussen
Ramona Raybin*
Frances and Terry Reardon*
Ruth Reeve*
Reid and Riege Foundation
James Reina*
Jim Revoir
Terry Reyes
Paul B. Rice
Nancy Richardson*
James Rickard
Tia Ricketts*
Virginia Robbins*
Miles Roberts
Frank Roscoe*
John Rubin
Diane and Rudy Rudesal*
Candace Russell
Margarita Russell*
Stephanie Ruswick*
Christopher M. Salem
Janice Sannik
Diane Santos
Melissa Scherling*
Lisa Schmidberger*
Blayr Schmidt
Carsten Schmitz
Alona Schwarz
Jean A. Seago
John A. Sedlak
Marilyn A. and Michael J. Seiler
Christine Noble Seller
Sharon Senderek
Joseph Serbus*
Nancy and William Shannon
Connie Shaw
Mary Sherzer*
Jon Sholl*
Dr. Evan B. Siegel
Katharine Simister
Lyn Sinko
Martha Smart
Pamela Smith*
Cathy Soltero*
Spence Custom Carving
Vinay Srihari
Mary Anthony Startz
Carole Staveley*
Deanna Steblyk
Nancy Stier
Andrew Stiles
Svenja Stober
Brad Stone*
Daniel Strang
Kathy Street
Dr. Carey Suckow*
Kris Sullivan
Katherine Sun
Joanna Suter
Mary Lou and Peter Svendsen
The Szilagyi Household Giving Fund
Patricia Tagamolila
Christina Takenaka*
Witney Tate
Taubman Giving Account
Craig Taylor
TE Connectivity Workplace Giving Fund
Susan Thabit
Barb and Ian Thorleifson
Mary Thornton*
Tia Benson Tolle
Janet Tompkins
Patricia Touzeau*
Deborah Tucker*
Samantha Tucker
United Way of the Bay Area Donors
Janne Van der Laan*
Wim Van Osch*
Rita Verma
VMware Foundation
Mathias Von Borcke
Alexandria Wagner*
Patricia Wagner
Kelli Waits*
Robert Walker
Joanna and Alan Wallenstein
Tien Hua Iris Wang*
WCA Canada
Annett Wedemeyer*
Dorothy Westermeier
Shireen and William Wetmore
Allyson Whitfield*
Kristina Will*
Susan Williams*
Nicoli Willyard
Katherine Winkelman*
Stacy Wofsy
Sara Wolff
Graeme Wright*
Pauline Wu*
Bridget Young
Pamela Yuhm*
Dr. Fiona Zachariasse*
Margaret Zerega
Ralph Zylstra

* Polar Bear Patron

Polar Bear Patrons (monthly donors) $1 – $249

Kathleen Abueg
Anjie Ackerman
Julia Ackerman
Erika Agnew
Akanksha Akanksha
Blake Allen
Blake Alspach
Danielle Anaba
Blair Anger
Justin Angermeyer
Lury Arelle
Rodney Armanino
Murray Armstrong
Samantha Armstrong
Lea Arnold-Rice
Sally Arrivee
Eric Ashman
Edward Atkinson-Clark
Carolyn Aydin
Linda and Robert Bailey
Gavin Baker
Wouter Bakker
Casey Ballard
James Bardgett
Karin Basilio
Amy Baxendell-Young
Summer Baxter
Barbara Bayer
Christopher Beacock
Nora Benoliel
Mathilde Blanquart
Diana Bolton
Abbey Bonner
Elodie Bosch
Lori Bowers
Ann Boyd
Nicole Boyte
Gwenevere Bradley
Bethany Brantley
Danielle Brigati
Jeppe Bringø
Darcy Brister
David Brock
Allison Brown
Stella Brown
Jodi Brucia
Traci Bruckmeier
Lysanne Bullen
Marion Burchard
Corbin Busby
Jo Ann Byler
Dana Cabral
John Cahill
Carlo Calderón
Kathleen Cameron
Sally Cameron
Denise Campione
John Canfora
Rebecca Canright
Karen Carl
Teresa Case
Morgan Castner
Julio Castro
Philip Chaddock
Ryan Chamberlain
Deborah Chase
Lauren Cheney
Davy Chiang
Lynne and Bruce Chick
Kai Teddy Christman
Ling-Ru Chu
Alessandro Ciccarelli
Nicole Cizmar
Brenda Clark
Nancy and Kurt Clyde
Patricia Coffman
Tina Cole
Kimberly Coleman
Marie-Louise Collins
Scott Colman
Jessica Colopy
Shawn Conley
Jonathon Conlon
Elizabeth Connelly
Lisa Cooper
Kendall and William Cowles
Katie Crossley
Liam Crotty
Christine Cuffe
Christina Culeton
Melanie Cundiff
Janet Currier
Cristian Dalbuoni
Laura Dart
Christina Davis
Jennifer Davis
Timothy Davis
Anna de Siun
Christopher Deane
Holly Dellman
Anne Demo
Joanna Dennis
Tom Derlis
Deborah Devany
Diana Diaz
Gabriela Sanchez Diaz
Michele Docherty
Lauren Dolan
William Dougherty
Lisa Douglass
Elizabeth Drew
Heather Dubnick
Edouard Dufresne
Sabina Duke
Paula Dulak
Kimberly Dungan
Sally East
Ellary Eddy
Diane Engleman
Jessica Espinoza
Sylvia and Ludwig Esser
Robert Euthe
Inge Evenwel
Holly Ewerse
Gina Gustafson Faena
Joseph Lawrence Falzon
Mary Farris
Deborah Fate-Mental
Margaret Fearey
Alex Fenton
Lorraine Fields
Gabriele Filiberti
Elizabeth Flinn
Luisa Förder
Rebecca Forester
Kaitlin Foster
Philip Francis
Karen and Michael Fraysse
Ursula Fricker
Lauren Friedman
Jesse Fryda
Anna Gage
Helena Galea
Sofia Garcia
Emma Gardiner
Melissa George
Patricia Gesser
Cheryl Gibbs and Sean Bonnet
Marc Gimbel
Astrid Gómez
Kelsey Grabeel
Paul Gracie

Catherine Graham
Elena Greck
Adao Greenberg
Adam Gregory
Rosemary Gregory
Jerry Grout
Mary Guard
Nancy Halbern
Brandy Hale
Jean Hall
Teri Halliwell
Christine Hanson
Kim Harper
William Harrigan
Yvonne Haskett
Christian Hastings
Larry Hattersley
Eileen Held
Alyssa Hencley
Darlene Henley
Pedro Hernandez
Nadia Herrera
Peyton Herrick
Hella Hiljus
Danielle Hill
Melissa Hinwood
Leslie Hoerr
Sage Hoeven
Thomas Hogan
Kim Homann
Gina Hopkins
Jean Hopkins
Mayoko Hoshida
Cameron Houle
Susan Huckins
Elizabeth Hutto
Shane Hylton
Margaret Iannuzzi
Ashley Ihrke
Carol Ingell
Michelle Isroff
Mary Jahn
Albert Janschewitz
Rosemary Jarrett
David Jenkins
Dingling Ji
Tianqi Jiang
Gerald Johnson
Jae Myoung Joo
Ayaka Kaneko
Manny Kanter
Sabrina Karavla
Marilee Kaufman
Mari Kawaguchi
Larry Kawula
Barbara Kayser
Peter Keay
Carl Kedzierski
Nasira Khan
Tetiana Khavanska
Elvan Kiani
Yevin Kim
Carrie King
Stephanie King
Melanie Knepp
Melanie Knott
Karen Koletar
Sula Koo
Yuriko Kosaka
Karina Kosela
Donald Krause
Anthony Kresz
Martin Kröher
David Lantz
Rachel Laurick
Ivette Lawson
Anna Ledden
Jessica Leder
Joan Lee
Christopher Leger
William Leibold
Suford Lewis
Sze Wan Lie
Jaimee Lieske
Alexandra Liloia-Bishop
Dean Lines
Chenwei Liu
Joseph Lomax
Monica Lomeli
María Salomé Lopez
Mario López
Monica Losey
Alexis Lotero
Susan Lowe
Shiaotzu Ma
Michael Malagisi
William Malstrom
Rhonda Mancuso
Caitlin Marco
Miranda Marshall
Brandon Martin
Lilia Martinez
Luz Maria Martinez
Lanny Martinson
Mark Mason
Shaun May
Rudolf Mayer
John Mayhew
Alysa McCall
Sandra McCall
Fiona McCarthy
Annetta McCarty
Lesley McCave
Christen McDonald
Nancy McGill and Linda Bush
Camelia Bianchi McKelvey
Leanna McKeon
Amanda McLeod
Charlotte McLeod
Kelly McMillan
Vicki and Mike McNamara
Nina McNitzky
Robert Meldrum
Sawyer Mell
Tomoe Michiue
Mary and Marc Miller
Kimberly Miracle
Marianne Mohan
Karla Molina
Margaret Monaghan
Claire and Liam Montgomery
Jessica Moore
Natalie Morano
Christine Mueller
Larry Murnane
Gaen Murphree
Yoojin Na
Lenore Nadeau
Kristine Naegeli
Ellen Nash
Max Nasir
Alba Nasoni
Sasha Navarro
Jean Nesta-Berry
Danielle Nezzie
Kamma Vedel Nielsen
Judith Niles
Gregory Norris
Sandra Northend
Zdenka Novak
Angie Obaza
Finegas O’Brien
Richard Offord
Maria Öjelind-Jegenstam

Erynn O’Keefe
Robin Olson
Angel Orona
Dan Osborne
Naoko Otatsume
Irene O’Toole
Chris Paine
Kelly Paquette
Katherine Parker
Carol Pattison
Kristi Paul
Mickaël Paul
Jorgen Paulsen
Christopher Pelkey
Kathrine Pendleton
Greg Pennington
Melanie Perkins
Leslie Perry
Brenda Person
Nicole Petrosky
Jeff Pixton
Lisa Platt
Robert Platt Jr.
Victoria Porto
Silvia Portugal
Jean-François Proulx
Georgie Puschner
Asad Quasem
Shealor Raikes
Austin Rajzyngier
Adriana Ramirez
Guadalupe Ramirez
Ann Reddin
Kathy Reid
Johana Reyna
Daniel Richards
Meghan Richardson
Elizabeth Ricketts
Laurie Rindskopf
Grace Robblee
Aranzazu Rocha
Kelly Rogers
Denise and David Roman
Maria Romero
Geraldine Rondeau
Lexsy Rosario
Maureen Ross
Elizabeth Rowe
Alec Rulev
Susan Rummel
Christina Russo
Anna Rust
Heather Ryan
Jody Saeger
Joel Saint
Kyle Salley
Beatrice Santoro
Anna Saxon
Susan Schapiro
Bettina Scholz
Eva Schorer
Hilary Scothorn
Callie Scott
Alexis Shaw
James Shaw
Anjali Shenoy
Takashi Shimizu
Petra Simpson
Robin Siner
Martha Siniscalchi
Betty Sivis
Lisa Supeno Skokov
Melanie Slatter
Stephanie Sluka
Elizabeth Smith
Ernest Smith
Kathleen Smith
Keely Smith
Kelsey Smith
Kevin Smith
Kim Davis Smith
Tom Smith and Toni Nagel-Smith
Taylor Smyrnos
Diane Snyder
Maria-Victoria Solstrand
John Sommerrock
Alana and Matthew Sorin
Stephanie Spector
Alfred Spreekmeester
Michelle Stolk
Deborah Stozek
Janet Stringer and Christopher Njaa
Litzy Styles
Christina Sue-Chan
Thomas Sullivan
Melinda Taggard
Leanne Talbot
Shirley Tang
Miah Tapper
Jeanne Tartaro
Sara Tavakoli
Aleksey Terekhanov
Michelle Thoma
Adalie Thomas
Nathan Thomas
Carly Thompson
Rosie Thompson
Trent Thompson
Charlene Toews
Linda Tomchin
Joanne Troutner
Douglas Uhlig
Kyle Ullman
Kelly Ulrich
Melody Unger
Antonia Vadalà
Tamara Vagg
Alena Vagner
Mary Valente
Ismael Valenzuela
Rebecca Vincent
Joyce Viscusi
Edouard Voskresensky
Carolyn Walker
Michael Walsh
Andy Wang
Yixuan Wang
Sally Ward
Emma Watson
Erica Weigel
Elin Weller
Kerstin Welzbacher
Susan Wendt
Amanda Wetzstein
Sandra Whipple
Natalie Widdowson
Isabella Wilcher
Darlene Williams
Peggy Williams
Katlynn Williamson
Sheila Winder
Marla Woods
Roth Woods
Nicole Yatsonsky
Walter Yeung
Regina Ygoa-McKeown
Ginger Young
Jennifer Young
Rebecca Yuncken
Barbara Zacharakis
Salvina Zen
Nadja Zollo
Rachel Zoyhofski
Elinor Zucchet

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Thank you for all you do for polar bears.


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